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Goodbye Daimon (Chapter 12)

I sighed well it was a fact we were at war with the scouts and there was nothing i could do to stop it. It was us against them never thought it would come to this point me going up against my friends all for a daimon who i loved who didn't even know what love was. I Looked up at miss 9 who i swear could read my thoughts....could she?
She grinned at me and i shivered. OMG she could couldn't she?!
"Germatoid i think this human has grown attached to you"
"Huh?" Tomoe said clearly focused on other things at the moment to be thinking about me. "Oh you mean Hana um yeah i suppose"
I looked up at him smiling.
Miss 9 Clearly noticed this and glared. "Germatoid do you remember what our plans are or is this human warping your thoughts?"
I glared. I didn't like her at all she was a jerk and what was she even trying to prove that Germatoid was hers as if that was going to happen. I jumped out of my thoughts however as i heard a boom above me and saw a hellocoper fall from the sky. Were those the outers?
"Hmm very cleaver of them to stop time to let them get inside"
I looked confused stop time wow i wish i had that power so that i could stop Miss 9 from saying the next thing that she said.
"I will deal with the chalice you deal with the scouts"
I looked shocked as did Tomoe Germatoid had never even fought the scouts ever and now Miss 9 was going to send him to fight them?
"NO!" i screamed without even thinking of what the heck I was doing.
Miss 9 glared at me "No who do you think you are you stupid girl giving me orders like this?!"
I shivered either she was going to kill me or do something far worse i didn't i thought of kaori and how Miss 9 had killed her without showing any type of mercy. I looked back only to see Germatoid gone. I Gasped he wasn't really going to go i was supposed to protect him and here i was letting him fight. I broke free of Miss 9's grasp and ran after him.

What was i thinking going against the scouts i had never even fought them before but that wasn't about to stop me from accomplishing my task that i was given. At that moment the Outers came in the room.
They both glared at me as if they would stop at nothing to defeat me
"You do know you aren't supposed to be here right this place is off limits" i said making fun of them.
"You told us yourself to go for justice didn't you?" Uranus said.
"True however when i said that i wanted you to become daimons not to be against us" For some reason the thought of them as daimons made me crack up laughing.
They both stood there looking very confused and got even more confused when i became my true form infront of them.

I ran through the room hoping that i wasn't to late from stopping him from doing something stupid. Something that he would regret. I got on top of a ledge in time to see the one vision that would haunt my dreams forever. Germatoid was fighting the scouts well..okay not really fighting no the image that i saw in front of my eyes was actually Germatoid dying. Uranus drew her sword and stabbed him in the eye with it causing him to scream (or was it laughing i couldn't tell really to be honest i was in to much shock). The next thing i knew Germatoid was fading in my arms. I tried to stop my tears but couldn't
"oh stop crying" I heard him say weakly.
I Shook my head. "You can't leave me Germatoid you can't"
"hmm don't forget me"
I screamed holding him close to me as he faded into nothing before my eyes. I looked down and saw a daimon egg in front of me and went to pick it up but before i could it broke in half and as it did so did my heart causing me to lose consciousness and black out.
T_T omg writing that was so hard .....*Goes in corner*

Oh don't worry hana isn't dead she's just so heartbroken she blacked out from the shock.

......>_< hmm.....yeah.....nothing else really to say other than i am never doing that again

I own nothing but Hana and my tears O_O
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